DSLR Cameras + Lenses PPT

  1. Camera’s have a mirror inside which flips the image right side up.
  2. DSLR Camera’s have a detachable lens which is very useful.
  3. The higher the ISO, the more grain or “noise” you have on your image.
  4. The lower the ISO, you get more visible light.
  5. Zoom and focus are completely different things.
  6. Focus is how clear or blurry an image or subject appears.
  7. Some times Camera bodies are sold alone without a lens so make sure to check if you see the price seems low.
  8. Prime lenses have only one focal length, zoom lenses have variable focal lengths.
  9. Fast shutter speed is good for shooting sports or fast moving images.
  10. Shutter speed can range from 30” (seconds) to 1/4000 of a second.
  11. Shutter speed should be double your frame rate.
  12. Hand held shots can also make some pictures come out blurry, which is why some people rely on tripods.
  13. Aperture is the depth of field.
  14. Shallow depth of field makes most things blurry and the subject closest is more clear.
  15. Wide depth of field allows more subjects to be visible.
  16. Aperture is known as the f-stop in a camera.
  17. The shutter in a camera is a half circle.
  18. High ISO value means the sensor will be more sensitive to light and take in less light for the right exposure.
  19. 300mm is the best focal length for far away shots and wanting to get close.
  20. Exposure is how bright the image. or how “exposed”
  21. White balance has a numerical value. (Kelvin temperature)
  22. Use lowest ISO to avoid grain (noise).
  23. 300mm is best for wildlife as they are moving like birds flying.
  24. Focal length can adjust depth of field.
  25. If a lens has a maximum aperture of f1.2 it will perform best at f2.8

All About Me Collage

When I began my collage I made the main focus my interests. These things I am very passionate about, such as my favorite show South Park. I put my favorite characters in like Butters and Tweek.  And the four main boys, Kyle, Eric, Kenny and Stan.

I put a screenshot from the music video of one of my favorite songs, Runaway by Mars Argo. Which is the bunny in the back round.

I even put my favorite K-Pop band Red Velvet and a picture of the Wonder Girls and their logo. I also put another music artist, Melanie Martinez who my sister introduced me to. I have a lot of their songs saved.

Most of these things bring me great comfort, even if they may not seem comforting for some. I like them and they represent me well. Most of my favorite comfort characters and song artists are here. There are even references from shows and films I am passionate about. I also added a camera, since I like photography. This year it really has become more of a passion to me. I tried to get creative and put some flowers since those represent me too, as they calm me down.

This is my first ever collage and I am very proud of it. It has elements that can show people who I am. These are what I was able to think of and most of the people on here I relate to and can project myself onto them.

This collage was super fun and it allowed me to get creative with photoshop. I really like it. I tried to make it look like a scrapbook or a wrinkled magazine collage.


My Portraits


Portrait Example from the internet.

I really like this portrait. The colors are so saturated and vibrant. It reminds me of a day at a beach side in the sand. The picture would look nice framed like the pictures that come out of a polaroid camera. The model is very clear and she doesn’t seem to have any imperfections. The color hits her perfectly. I also like the blur in the back round. But if you take a close look into her sunglasses you can see the beautiful scenery in front of her. She seems lost in the scenery. I like how you can see all the texture on the model. Like her hair, her skin and the texture of her lips and earrings. Over all I think this is an amazing example of a portrait in photography. It has a little more flare than the ones I’ve seen. I hope soon I’ll be able to achieve a portrait like this.

Alternative Angles.

Focal length ; 49.00
1/3200 sec; f/5.6; ISO 400; Manual

From Below
Focal length : 37.00mm
1/3200sec; f/5.6; ISO 400; Manual

Straight On
Focal Length 37.00 mm
1/3200 sec; f/5.6; ISO 400; Manual

Tilt from above.
Focal length : 49.00mm
1/3200sec; f/5.6; ISO 400; Manual


Photo from the internet.

This picture really caught my eye. I believe this photo is also called the “Worm View” type of photography. In the worm view type photo, it is angled to look at the subject from below from all the way on the ground. I like below shots like this. This picture shows the detail to the trees and guides our eyes to the center. I like how it used leading lines as well. Seeing this picture can make one feel very small but seeing the subject makes me feel very powerful. I also enjoy how vibrant and saturated the colors are in this picture, the sky is so radiant and the trees appear slightly dark. But this photo is an amazing example of angles in photography, and my favorite below shots.