Portfolio Images.

Photography Career Tree

3 Careers I would like to have.

  1. Photographer
  2. Animator
  3. Game Designer.

These jobs all involve me using my imagination. I love creativity and making things or showing off my ideas will be very useful in these jobs. I’d love for my creations to be put to good use. Preferably, I’d love to work close to my home, I wouldn’t want to separate from my family or be too far. However, If I need to move places, I’d like to work in an office of a BIG studio. I am aware that I’m not guaranteed a working place close to my home. It really depends on if I’m traveling far for my photography career, or if I’m working in a big company to make games/make animations for these games. It also depends on how big the companies/groups that I’m working for, are.

I understand that I’ll have many responsibilities. As an animator I need to work well with a group, this includes group photography and game designing. I’ll need to work hard to meet deadlines for game updates or the release of a new episode for a how or project I’m animating for. I will take my jobs very seriously. I don’t want to let down my group/team. If I’m doing photography solo, I am responsible for any changes my subject/customer requests I make and the quality of the image and service I provide. For all jobs I must be careful with handling equipment, especially since in big companies most of the equipment is not mine. I will need constant communication and must get along with my peers. But I am prepared for this since i want to be successful in my career.

Here is the salary for each career depending on where I live: Photographer ($66,988 a year).  Animator ($55,645 a year), Game Designer ($98,372 a year). I really want a simple lifestyle for my future. So, this salary is fine for me, and I am pretty happy with it. There is a chance these things might not work out for me. But I would like to pursue another career very similar to these, such as art. I could do art classes to make money. Another option I have is art commissions, but art commissions can also just be a little side job or way to make money. I am also very skilled in graphic design, so that is another option that might work out for me. I am very confident in these career options.


My Triptych


A triptych that caught my eye:

I like this triptych and it really caught my eye, I like the black and white. I notice there are different triptychs that connect to make a full image or are 3 images of the same picture which is really cool. I love the water and the reflection, how the clouds make the water have such a nice gradient.

Meticulous Photography

Critique of one of Emily Blincoe Images:

Her Image:

My Critique: I love this picture! Pink is my favorite color, and I love how she added a variety of pinks and purples. She didn’t stray too far off the pink color palette. not using too dark pinks or too light pinks. I like the different shades of pink and the oranges and purples. everything is so organized, I really love that, and each element makes up a perfect square.

Master Of Photography Reflection

Ansel Adams.

Ansel Adams was a photographer known for his black and white photography back in the 1900s. He was the main subject for my research PowerPoint earlier this semester. I am very passionate about his works, as he is a very skilled photographer and takes shots that are very pleasing to the eye. His photographs allow my eyes to move all along the picture. There is so much to look at. When he goes out to shoot, he looks for “Grandscapes.” He has such a great eye for scenery.

Ansel Adams was born on February 20th in 1902. He was born in San Francisco California. He started photography when his aunt gifted him a copy of “In the Heart of the Sierras.” The photographs in the book inspired him to pursue photography as a career. He was given his first camera in 1916 at Yosemite National Park for a vacation. He educated himself as he grew up, leaving school and starting his photography career, occasionally alternating between photography and pianist, but photography was his main career and the cause of his success, as his works were very popular.

With his career Adams has created many techniques that are still used today, just advanced, and some techniques he used were even put into photoshop. He invented the zone system, a technique which allows photographers to translate the light they see into specific densities on negatives and paper, thus giving them better control over finished photographs.

He ran a photography group/movement called f/64.  F/64 was made up of some of history’s most influential American photographers. The group was founded by Ansel Adams and Willard Van Dyke. The goal of this group was to begin promoting a common aesthetic principle. In 1952 he was also the founder of the magazine, Aperture.

At age 82, he passed away. In honor of him, The Minarets Wilderness in the Inyo National Forest was renamed the Ansel Adams Wilderness in 1984.  Mount Ansel Adams, a 11,760′ peak in the Sierra Nevada, was named for him in 1985. Adams was very good with visuals and finding the perfect landscapes was very important. And since the cameras required developing the pictures, and he couldn’t see the picture right away and take it again, he’d be very careful with his cameras and made sure his pictures were perfect. When he died, he left his wife, two children (Michael born August 1933, Anne born 1935), and five grandchildren. As of now, there’s an Ansel Adams gallery where people can see his works in person.