My Portraits


Portrait Example from the internet.

I really like this portrait. The colors are so saturated and vibrant. It reminds me of a day at a beach side in the sand. The picture would look nice framed like the pictures that come out of a polaroid camera. The model is very clear and she doesn’t seem to have any imperfections. The color hits her perfectly. I also like the blur in the back round. But if you take a close look into her sunglasses you can see the beautiful scenery in front of her. She seems lost in the scenery. I like how you can see all the texture on the model. Like her hair, her skin and the texture of her lips and earrings. Over all I think this is an amazing example of a portrait in photography. It has a little more flare than the ones I’ve seen. I hope soon I’ll be able to achieve a portrait like this.

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