All About Me Collage

When I began my collage I made the main focus my interests. These things I am very passionate about, such as my favorite show South Park. I put my favorite characters in like Butters and Tweek.  And the four main boys, Kyle, Eric, Kenny and Stan.

I put a screenshot from the music video of one of my favorite songs, Runaway by Mars Argo. Which is the bunny in the back round.

I even put my favorite K-Pop band Red Velvet and a picture of the Wonder Girls and their logo. I also put another music artist, Melanie Martinez who my sister introduced me to. I have a lot of their songs saved.

Most of these things bring me great comfort, even if they may not seem comforting for some. I like them and they represent me well. Most of my favorite comfort characters and song artists are here. There are even references from shows and films I am passionate about. I also added a camera, since I like photography. This year it really has become more of a passion to me. I tried to get creative and put some flowers since those represent me too, as they calm me down.

This is my first ever collage and I am very proud of it. It has elements that can show people who I am. These are what I was able to think of and most of the people on here I relate to and can project myself onto them.

This collage was super fun and it allowed me to get creative with photoshop. I really like it. I tried to make it look like a scrapbook or a wrinkled magazine collage.

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